7 delicious meals you can make with nuts

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7 delicious meals you can make with nuts
7 delicious meals you can make with nuts

Nuts are the most useful ingredient, which contains not only a whole mass of vitamins, but also antioxidants necessary for the body. And when you don't really want to eat them in handfuls, you can try adding them to recipes for the first, second and even sweet dishes. Your attention - seven recipes that will not do without nuts.

1. Carrot cream soup

Carrot cream soup. \ Photo: ripost.hu
Carrot cream soup. \ Photo: ripost.hu

When the usual first courses are fed up with the order, it is worth turning to the original recipes that the household will like. For example, to a soup made from carrots and sweet apples in combination with a handful of fragrant nuts.


• Carrots - 800 g;

• Apples - 2 pcs;

• Garlic - a couple of cloves;

• Vegetable broth - 1 l;

• Coconut milk - 210 ml;

• Pecans (any other can be used) - 150 g;

• Onions - 1 piece;

• Thyme - a couple of twigs;

• Olive oil - 2 tablespoons;

• Turmeric - 1 tablespoon;

• Cumin - 1 tbsp;

• Salt and pepper to taste.

Delicate creamy carrot soup with nuts. \ Photo: haber.ba
Delicate creamy carrot soup with nuts. \ Photo: haber.ba

Cooking method:

• All ingredients are pre-rinsed and peeled;

• Crumble carrots in a circle;

• Chop the garlic and onion;

• Cut the apples into cubes, after removing the seeds and skins;

• Heat the oil in a saucepan;

• Fry the apple pieces with the onion;

• After five minutes add herbs, garlic, turmeric and cumin;

• Stir and cook for a couple of minutes;

• Pour in the carrots next;

• Pour in the broth and, reducing the heat, simmer for about half an hour;

• Remove the thyme sprigs;

• Remove from heat and mix until smooth with a hand blender;

• Pour in milk and season with salt and pepper;

• Beat again;

• Garnish with nuts before serving.

2. Orange soufflé

Orange soufflé. \ Photo: google.com.ua
Orange soufflé. \ Photo: google.com.ua

Do you want to surprise guests and loved ones with a delicious dessert that takes a few minutes to cook? Then the recipe for orange soufflé with nuts is what you need!


• Oranges - 2 pcs;

• Sugar - 55 g;

• Yolks - 3 pcs;

• Cream - 110 ml;

• Pistachios or other nuts - 55 g.

Orange soufflé. \ Photo: pinterest.ru
Orange soufflé. \ Photo: pinterest.ru

Cooking method:

• Pre-wash oranges and squeeze for juice;

• Remove the zest from one by rubbing it on a fine grater;

• Pour the juice into a saucepan, then add sugar and a little zest;

• Bring to heat, stirring constantly with a spatula;

• Cook until the syrup thickens and the sugar dissolves;

• Beat the yolks thoroughly;

• Continuing to stir them with a fork, add the orange syrup;

• Pour the pre-frozen cream into a separate bowl;

• Kill with a blender until foamy;

• Pour into the prepared mass with syrup and stir;

• Peel and grind nuts in a mortar;

• Add half to the mixture, mix;

• Put the finished soufflé into molds or cups;

• Send to the freezer for six hours;

• Garnish with nuts before serving.

3. Stuffed champignons

Stuffed champignons. \ Photo: notrefamille.com
Stuffed champignons. \ Photo: notrefamille.com

Sometimes you want something light and tasty, for example, a champignon snack. And to make it different - try to cook them in the oven with cranberries, nuts and grated hard cheese.


• Mushrooms - 500 g;

• Walnuts - ¼ glass;

• Cranberries - 1/3 cup;

• Hard cheese - 1 tbsp;

• Garlic - a couple of cloves;

• Shallot - ½ cup;

• Sage - 2 tablespoons;

• Rosemary - 2 tbsp;

• Thyme - 1 tsp;

• Sea salt - ¼ tsp;

• Ground pepper - to taste;

• Olive oil - 1 tbsp;

• Wine vinegar - 1 tsp;

• Parsley.

Champignons stuffed with nuts. \ Photo: oddnaari.in
Champignons stuffed with nuts. \ Photo: oddnaari.in

Cooking method:

• Preheat the oven;

• Cover the baking sheet with paper;

• Rinse the mushrooms, remove the legs;

• Grind nuts with a blender or mortar;

• Heat oil, add nuts followed;

• Chop the onion, add to the oil;

• Grind herbs and add a trace;

• Season with salt and pepper;

• Boil for about ten minutes, stirring with a spoon;

• Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly;

• Pour in cranberries, pour in vinegar, stir;

• Stuff the mushroom caps with the mixture;

• Grate the cheese beforehand;

• Sprinkle them with mushrooms;

• Decorate the top with the remnants of nuts;

• Bake twenty minutes until golden brown;

• Garnish with parsley before serving.

4. Potato salad

Potato salad with bacon and nuts. \ Photo: daddy-cool.gr
Potato salad with bacon and nuts. \ Photo: daddy-cool.gr

When you don't feel like eating regular potatoes as a side dish, use them to make a light, cold meat salad with nuts that the whole family will love.


• Boiled potatoes - 4 pcs;

• Bacon - 130 g;

• Lettuce leaf - 3 handfuls;

• Nuts - a handful;

• Parsley - a couple of twigs;

• Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp;

• Vinegar - 2 tablespoons;

• Salt and pepper to taste.

Delicious potato salad. \ Photo: it.depositphotos.com
Delicious potato salad. \ Photo: it.depositphotos.com

Cooking method:

• Pre-wash and cook the potatoes;

• Crumble into a dice and place on a plate;

• Season with lettuce;

• Fry bacon in a pan without oil until golden brown;

• Put on paper towels, allowing the fat to drain;

• After adding to the salad;

• Combine oil with vinegar, add salt and pepper;

• Drizzle with sauce, stir;

• Chop the nuts in a mortar, wash and chop the parsley;

• Garnish with herbs and a handful of nuts before serving.

5. Muffins

Muffins with nuts. \ Photo: google.com
Muffins with nuts. \ Photo: google.com

Light and mouth-watering, muffins are not only sweet, but also healthy. Try to cook them with a mixture of cheeses and nuts for a unique taste that can surprise true gourmets.


• Flour - 230 g;

• Eggs - 2 pcs;

• Milk - 210 ml;

• Goat cheese - 110 g;

• Hard cheese - 110 g;

• Nuts - 110 g;

• Baking powder - half a sachet;

• Butter - 85 g;

• Salt to taste.

Nut muffins. \ Photo: yandex.ua
Nut muffins. \ Photo: yandex.ua

Cooking method:

• Add salt and baking powder to the flour;

• Beat in the eggs next and mix;

• Add milk, stir;

• Melt the butter and pour in next;

• Cut the cheese into cubes and add to the mixture;

• Grate hard cheese and also add;

• Grind the nuts in a mortar and add them afterwards;

• Put the mixture in pre-greased molds;

• Send to oven for twenty minutes at 200 degrees.

6. Chicken with cashews

Chicken legs. \ Photo: workstorys.jp
Chicken legs. \ Photo: workstorys.jp

It would seem that they are ordinary chicken legs - what can you think of original with them? Try this recipe where meat meets peanut sauce and you will definitely not remain indifferent to it!


• Legs - 1.5 kg;

• Cashew - a glass;

• Garlic - 3 cloves;

• Lime or lemon - 1 piece;

• Jalapenos - 2 pieces;

• Cilantro - 6 tbsp;

• Soy sauce - 2 tbsp;

• Vegetable oil - ¼ glass;

• Sugar - 2 tsp;

• Salt and pepper to taste.

Ruddy chicken legs. \ Photo: zombiferma.ru
Ruddy chicken legs. \ Photo: zombiferma.ru

Cooking method:

• Peel and chop nuts with a knife or blender;

• Pour in the washed cilantro next, interrupt;

• Add butter, peeled garlic, sauce and sugar, beat;

• Chop the pieces of jalapeno next, beat again;

• Squeeze out the citrus juice and pour in two large tablespoons of boiled water;

• Kill until smooth and season with salt and pepper;

• Rinse and clean the legs;

• Season with seasonings;

• Dip in sauce and send to marinate in a cold place for half a day;

• After fry the legs in a pan or grill on both sides until crisp;

• Sprinkle with lemon zest or cilantro before serving.

7. Carrot cake

Carrot cake with nuts. \ Photo: pinterest.co.kr
Carrot cake with nuts. \ Photo: pinterest.co.kr

Cakes can be not only sweet, consisting of chocolate, but also from.. carrots. Yes, yes, it is from a simple, ordinary store carrot with the addition of a pinch of nuts and applesauce - unusual and tasty, you will lick your fingers.


• Oil - 160 g;

• Eggs - 3 pcs;

• Carrots - 300 g;

• Nuts - 110 g;

• Apple puree - 160 g;

• Flour - 200 g;

• Sugar - 200 g;

• Baking powder - 1 tsp;

• Soda - ½ tsp;

• Nutmeg - to taste;

• Cinnamon - to taste;

• Ginger - a couple of circles.

For the cream:

• Cream cheese - 310 g;

• Fatty cream - 110 g;

• Oil - 110 g;

• Powder to taste.

Carrot and nut cake. \ Photo: food.noteru.com
Carrot and nut cake. \ Photo: food.noteru.com

Cooking method:

• Rinse carrots, peel;

• Grate on the smallest grater;

• Peel and grind nuts with a knife;

• Melt the oil, let it cool;

• Beat eggs with sugar, pour in butter, beat again;

• Separately mix together dry spices, flour and ginger;

• Pour into the mixture with an egg and beat well;

• Add carrots with nuts, puree, stir;

• Pre-grease and dust the form with flour;

• Put the mixture in it and bake for an hour at 180 degrees;

• Allow the base to cool slightly and divide into halves;

• Kill the cream with the cheese until smooth;

• Pour in oil and add powder;

• Kill until thick cream;

• Smear the cakes by laying them on top of each other;

• Coat the top and edges with cream as well;

• Garnish with nuts or any berries before serving.

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