Cooking Like Gordon Ramsay: 7 Delicious Chef Recipes

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Cooking Like Gordon Ramsay: 7 Delicious Chef Recipes
Cooking Like Gordon Ramsay: 7 Delicious Chef Recipes

When it comes to phenomenally delicious recipes, the first name that comes to mind is British chef Gordon Ramsay. Renowned for his culinary talents, he has received over sixteen Michelin stars, surprising people around the world with his masterpieces. We bring to your attention seven original recipes from the culinary guru, including both main courses and unusual, delicious desserts.

1. Cod with sauce

Cod with sauce. \ Photo:
Cod with sauce. \ Photo:

If you have always wondered how delicious and simple to cook white fish, take this recipe into service. Supplemented with Spanish romesco sauce, even real gourmets will love it.


• Cod fillet - 4 pcs;

• Onions - 1 piece;

• Almonds - 110 g;

• Garlic - 3 cloves;

• Tomatoes - 4 pcs;

• Bread - 90 g;

• Parsley - a couple of twigs;

• Water - 4 tbsp;

• Vinegar - 4 tablespoons;

• Olive oil - 4 tablespoons;

• Chili (flakes) - to taste;

• Salt and pepper to taste.

White fish with delicate sauce. \ Photo:
White fish with delicate sauce. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Rinse the fish, remove the bones;

• Put in a cold place;

• Preheat the oven to 180 degrees;

• Splash butter into a frying pan;

• Peel and chop the garlic;

• Throw in a frying pan;

• Add almonds;

• Fry until golden brown;

• Place in a separate container and drain;

• Peel and chop the onion;

• Fry in the same oil;

• Pour in chili, add bay leaves and spices;

• Rinse, peel and chop tomatoes;

• Add to onions;

• Simmer until the tomato pulp becomes softer;

• Pour nuts, herbs and garlic into the blender bowl;

• Add a spoonful of water;

• Interrupt;

• Pour in the next tomato paste from the pan;

• Add the rest of water and vinegar;

• Interrupt again;

• Grease the mold and put the fish on it;

• Drizzle with sauce;

• Wrap the top in foil;

• Bake for about twenty minutes until done.

2. Steak

Steak. \ Photo:
Steak. \ Photo:

When there are no options for what to cook for lunch or dinner, but you want hearty and tasty meat, try a simple, classic beef steak recipe that does not require a lot of time and troubles.


• Beef steak - 2 pcs;

• Garlic - a couple of cloves;

• Butter - a couple of cubes;

• Salt, pepper and rosemary to taste.

Juicy, aromatic and incredibly tasty steak. \ Photo:
Juicy, aromatic and incredibly tasty steak. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Rinse the meat;

• Roll in seasonings;

• Preheat the grill pan until smoky;

• Throw a couple of cubes of butter on it;

• Place the meat closer to the center;

• After half a minute, turn over to the other side;

• Then let the edges fry;

• Remove the husk from the garlic and pass through a press;

• Add to meat;

• Constantly turn over once every sixty seconds until evenly done;

• Add rosemary and a little more oil;

• Water the resulting liquid from both sides;

• Remove from heat and serve hot.

3. Ham with pea pudding

Ruddy and juicy ham. \ Photo:
Ruddy and juicy ham. \ Photo:

To make a simple and hearty meal, you can use this boiled ham recipe. This is an ideal option for a dinner or a snack, which will please both households and guests.


• Raw smoked ham (pork) - 2 kg;

• Onions - 1 piece;

• Carrots - 1 piece;

• Celery - 2 pcs;

• Bay leaves, thyme and black pepper to taste.

For the pudding:

• Peas - 510 g;

• Onions - 1 piece;

• Carrots - 1 piece;

• Wine vinegar - 3 tablespoons;

• Butter - 25 g;

• Bay leaves, salt and pepper to taste.

For the sauce:

• Butter - 25 g;

• Onions - 2 pieces;

• Flour - 25 g;

• Milk - 160 ml;

• Mustard - 2 tsp;

• Fat cream - 1, 5 tbsp;

• Parsley;

• Lemon juice.

Ham with pudding. \ Photo:
Ham with pudding. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Soak the ham in water;

• Drain into a saucepan and put on fire until boiling;

• Reduce the turnover of fire;

• Cook for several hours, removing the foam;

• Then remove from heat and let cool in broth.


• Pre-pour the peas with liquid overnight;

• Then drain it;

• Pour into a saucepan;

• Peel and chop onions with carrots;

• Add next;

• Pour in water;

• Throw in a few pieces of laurel and turn on the fire;

• Let it boil, then reduce the heat;

• Cook for about sixty minutes until the peas are soft;

• Turn off and remove from heat;

• Pour into a blender bowl;

• Interrupt;

• Return to the saucepan and season with vinegar;

• Add spices, stir;

• Introduce oil in portions, allowing it to melt;

• Wrap in a towel and keep cool.


• Heat the oil;

• Peel and chop the onion;

• Add next and fry for a couple of minutes until golden brown;

• Add flour and mustard:

• Stir and fry for a couple of minutes;

• Add milk in small portions;

• Pour in about 110 ml of broth followed by;

• Let it boil;

• Reduce heat and cook for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally with a spatula;

• Serve with mashed potatoes and chopped ham.

4. Scotch eggs

Scottish eggs. \ Photo:
Scottish eggs. \ Photo:

Eggs can not only be boiled and fried, but also prepared in an original way, using sausages and minced meat for this. Try to cook such a dish for your household that they will definitely ask for more!


• Eggs - 6 pcs;

• Minced meat mix - 210 g;

• Sausages - 210 g;

• Green apple - half;

• Flour - 5 tbsp;

• Rusks - 160 g;

• Salt and pepper to taste.

Bon Appetit. \ Photo:
Bon Appetit. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Take water and let it boil;

• Throw in four eggs and cook for five minutes;

• Remove from heat, cover with cold water and let stand;

• Peel and grate the apple;

• Mix with minced meat and chopped sausages;

• Use your hands to create small, uniform cakes (four pieces);

• Mix flour with salt and pepper;

• Beat the remaining eggs separately;

• Pour crackers into the third container;

• Put an egg, previously peeled, on the center of the cake;

• Wrap, forming a cutlet;

• Heat the oil;

• Dip the cutlet in flour, then dip in eggs;

• Dip in crackers;

• Cook in oil for about ten minutes, until crusty.

5. Tart Taten with bananas

Tart Taten with bananas. \ Photo:
Tart Taten with bananas. \ Photo:

The most delicious desserts are those that are made by hand. And you can cook something for a quick hand if there is a small amount of delicious bananas in the house, which you have nowhere to put, but you don't want to eat anymore.


• Bananas - 7 pcs;

• Butter - 55 g;

• Powder - 110 g;

• Puff pastry - packaging;

• Vanilla - stick;

• Pepper peas - a couple of things;

• Pink peppercorns - a couple of things.

Banana Tart Taten. \ Photo:
Banana Tart Taten. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Put the butter in the pan;

• Pour in vanilla;

• Season with peppers;

• Sprinkle with powder;

• Peel and crumble bananas;

• Put on pieces of butter;

• Pull the puff pastry out of the freezer beforehand;

• Cut a circle the size of a frying pan;

• Pinch the dough on the side, covering the pan;

• Make a few holes with a knife or fork;

• Put the pan on a medium-high heat;

• Simmer the filling for about ten minutes until boiling;

• Remove from heat and put in the oven;

• Oven for twenty minutes at 200 degrees;

• After pull out and put on fire again;

• Shake, letting the filling mix;

• Cover with a board or large dish;

• Remove from heat and turn over;

• Serve hot.

6. Oranges in caramel

Caramelized oranges. \ Photo:
Caramelized oranges. \ Photo:

Often you want to end your meal with something tasty. For example, you can try making a mini dessert yourself, making not only sweet, but also healthy oranges in caramel sauce.


• Oranges - 6 pcs;

• Sugar - 85 g;

• Orange juice - 110 m.

Candied fruit:

• Orange zest;

• Water - 260 ml;

• Sugar - 160 g.


• Fat cream - 55 ml;

• Powder - 2 tbsp;

• Sherry - 1, 5 tbsp;

• Mint.

Caramelized oranges. \ Photo:
Caramelized oranges. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Remove the zest from oranges;

• Pour into a saucepan and cover with water;

• Add sugar and cook, stirring with a spatula;

• Cook for about fifty minutes, until the zest is tender;

• Remove from heat and cool;

• Cut the bottom and top of the oranges;

• Remove the crust and white veins;

• Divide into circles;

• Put on a dish and leave to cool.


• Pour sugar into a frying pan;

• Fry over high heat;

• Add juice when sugar turns brown and caramel;

• Reduce the speed of fire;

• Stir with a spatula until smooth;

• Remove and cool slightly.


• Beat the cream with powdered sugar until peaks;

• Pour in sherry;

• Beat again until smooth;

• Allow to cool;

• Take oranges out of the refrigerator;

• Drizzle with caramel;

• Add cream and candied fruits on top.

7. Catalan cream

Catalan cream. \ Photo:
Catalan cream. \ Photo:

Catalana is one of the popular creme brulee varieties that was invented in Spain. It has a delicate, soft consistency that little sweet tooths will appreciate.


• Yolks - 4 pcs;

• Sugar - 75 g;

• Milk - 260 ml;

• Fat cream - 260 ml;

• Corn starch - 2 tbsp;

• Zest - to taste;

• Cinnamon - 1 pc.

Creme brulee. \ Photo:
Creme brulee. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Add sugar to the yolks;

• Beat with a mixer;

• Add starch;

• Peel the zest from the lemon and orange and add it next;

• Beat again;

• Introduce milk with cream in a small stream;

• Interrupt again;

• Pour into a saucepan;

• Throw cinnamon into the mixture;

• Turn on low heat and cook, stirring occasionally, until thick;

• Turn off heat and strain;

• Pour into molds and send to cool.

About, that in addition to soups and salads, you can make sorrel, read the next article.

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