How and from what to make healthy sweets without fear for your figure

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How and from what to make healthy sweets without fear for your figure
How and from what to make healthy sweets without fear for your figure

Both adults and children love sweets. And every time our hands reach for another candy or a piece of cake by themselves, we mentally say to ourselves "STOP", worrying about extra centimeters or simply harm to health. But how much can you limit yourself in everything and refuse? It's time to breathe out with relief and hurry to the kitchen in order to quickly make homemade healthy sweets.

1. Rafaello

Rafaello homemade sweets. \ Photo:
Rafaello homemade sweets. \ Photo:

Delicate, light, airy and literally melting on the tongue - this can be said about Raffaello sweets made at home.


• Low-fat cottage cheese - 150 g;

• Almonds - 100 g;

• Cashew - 70 g;

• Coconut protein - 1, 5-2 tbsp;

• Coconut flakes.

Rafaello. \ Photo:
Rafaello. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• In a bowl, mix the protein with the cottage cheese;

• Stir and knead with a fork until smooth;

• Kill some of the almonds with pine nuts to the consistency of small crumbs;

• Add to curd;

• Stir;

• Form balls the size of a walnut from the curd-nut mass;

• In the middle of each, carefully place an almond nut;

• Roll the resulting sweets in coconut flakes;

• Send to refrigerator for 30-40 minutes;

• Serve with coffee or tea.

2. With raisins and seeds

Dried fruit sweets. \ Photo:
Dried fruit sweets. \ Photo:

And it's great to take these sweets with you for a snack and not worry that eating them will deplorably affect your figure.


• Raisins multi-colored - 300 g;

• Sesame seeds - 150 g;

• Sunflower kernels - 150 g;

• Coconut flakes - 100-150 g;

• Cocoa - 50-100 g.

Raisin and seed sweets. \ Photo:
Raisin and seed sweets. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Wash the raisins several times under running water;

• Then pour warm water and leave for forty minutes;

• Then drain the water;

• And put the raisins on paper towels and let them dry well;

• Dry the sunflower kernels in a dry frying pan;

• Cool to room temperature;

• Pour some into a blender bowl, add most of the raisins and half of the sesame seeds;

• Kill until smooth;

• Then add sesame seeds, sunflower kernels and raisins;

• To stir thoroughly;

• Form uniform balls from the resulting mass;

• Roll half in coconut and half in cocoa;

• Send to refrigerator for an hour.

3. Chickpeas in glaze

Chickpea sweets. \ Photo:
Chickpea sweets. \ Photo:

Not only soup and hummus can be made from chickpeas, but also fitness sweets, which pleasantly surprise with their taste, especially if they are made in chocolate glaze.


• Canned chickpeas - 1 can;

• Sesame paste - 4 tablespoons;

• Coconut oil - 1, 5 tbsp;

• Cinnamon - 1 tsp;

• Bitter chocolate - 50 g;

• Honey - 1, 5 tbsp.

Glazed chickpea sweets. \ Photo:
Glazed chickpea sweets. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Throw the chickpeas on a fine sieve and let the water drain well;

• Then transfer to a blender bowl, add sesame paste mixed with cinnamon, coconut oil and honey;

• Kill everything until a thick homogeneous mass;

• After forming uniform balls;

• And roll in chocolate melted in a water bath;

• Then put on a dish, previously covered with cling film;

• And send it to the refrigerator for two hours.

4. Jelly candies

Jelly sweets. \ Photo:
Jelly sweets. \ Photo:

Why are homemade jelly candies convenient? The fact that they can be given to children with peace of mind without worrying about allergic reactions to dyes and artificial sweeteners and preservatives. And adults, not without pleasure, chew them for a snack and just like that in order to get a charge of positive energy from a bright yummy.


• Natural juice without sugar - 1 glass;

• Agar-agar - 10 g;

• Honey - 1-1, 5 tsp;

• Cocoa or coconut flakes - for sprinkling.

Jelly. \ Photo:
Jelly. \ Photo:

Cooking method:

• Dilute agar-agar in a couple of tablespoons of juice;

• Leave for 15-20 minutes;

• Then mix with juice;

• Add honey;

• Mix thoroughly and send to low heat;

• Cook until slightly viscous (do not bring to a boil);

• Pour the jelly mass into silicone molds;

• Cool to room temperature and sprinkle with cocoa or coconut flakes;

• Send to refrigerator until thickened.

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