5 raspberry desserts to enjoy

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5 raspberry desserts to enjoy
5 raspberry desserts to enjoy

What could be tastier than raspberries from a bush? Only raspberry jam or desserts made from juicy and aromatic berries. Sorbet, cocktail, ice cream, casserole - only a small part of what you can enjoy in the high season.

1. Raspberry cake

Raspberry cake. \ Photo: gastronom.ru
Raspberry cake. \ Photo: gastronom.ru

Delicate, light and very tasty delicacy - raspberry cake. This dessert goes well with a cup of strong coffee or warm tea, and champagne is suitable for gourmets and lovers of romantic evenings.


• Butter - 100-120 g;

• Powdered sugar - 150 g;

• Eggs - 3 pcs;

• Flour - 150 g;

• Ground nuts - 100 g;

• Baking powder - 2 sachets;

• Bitter chocolate - 2 bars;

• Mascarpone cheese - 0.5 kg;

• Fat cream - 100 ml;

• Vanilla sugar - 1 tsp;

• Raspberries - 200-250 g.

Raspberry cake. \ Photo: 1000.menu
Raspberry cake. \ Photo: 1000.menu

Cooking method:

• Heat the oil to room temperature;

• Then add the icing sugar;

• Stir and beat lightly;

• After adding eggs;

• Stir and beat again;

• Sift flour through a sieve;

• Add baking powder;

• Chop nuts;

• Grate chocolate on a fine grater;

• And add to the dough along with the nuts;

• To stir thoroughly;

• Put the resulting dough on a baking sheet covered with parchment;

• Send to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for half an hour;

• After the cake get out of the oven;

• Allow to cool;

• At this time, prepare the cream;

• Beat cream with cheese;

• Add vanilla sugar and beat again;

• Lubricate the cake with cream;

• Place raspberries on top;

• Send to refrigerator for 1-1, 5 hours;

• Cut evenly before serving.

2. Raspberry granite

Raspberry granite. \ Photo: patee.ru
Raspberry granite. \ Photo: patee.ru

If you love popsicles or frozen juice, but you do not have the opportunity and time to prepare these dishes, then this dessert is what you need!


• Fresh raspberries - 0.5 kg;

• Sugar - 100-120 g;

• Lemon juice - 1 tbsp;

• Mint - 6-8 leaves.

Raspberry granite. \ Photo: drginanelson.com
Raspberry granite. \ Photo: drginanelson.com

Cooking method:

• Wash raspberries under cold running water (preferably from the shower);

• Allow water to drain;

• Then transfer to the blender bowl;

• Kill until smooth;

• Rub the resulting raspberry puree through a fine sieve;

• In a deep frying pan over very low heat, melt sugar and water (about 50 ml);

• Cook until thick, stringy;

• Transfer the resulting sugar mass into a bowl;

• Put the raspberry puree there;

• Add lemon juice;

• Stir and freeze molds;

• Send to the freezer for 3-3, 5 hours;

• Stir gently before serving;

• And decorate with mint.

3. Raspberry soup

Raspberry soup. \ Photo: google.com.ua
Raspberry soup. \ Photo: google.com.ua

Do you think that soup is tasteless and you only need to eat it out of necessity? It’s in vain. Because once you have tasted raspberry soup, you will immediately change your mind once and for all. This dish is an excellent dessert that can pleasantly surprise not only your family members, but also your guests.


• Raspberry - 1 kg;

• Honey - 1-2 tablespoons;

• Powdered sugar - 1 tsp;

• Ice cream sundae for decoration.

Cold raspberry soup. \ Photo: opskrifter.dk
Cold raspberry soup. \ Photo: opskrifter.dk

Cooking method:

• Gently wash raspberries under cold running water;

• Dry well;

• Kill with a blender until smooth;

• Add honey and icing sugar;

• Mix well;

• Pour into deep bowls;

• And garnish with a scoop of ice cream before serving.

4. Raspberry smoothie

Raspberry smoothie. \ Photo: vital.de
Raspberry smoothie. \ Photo: vital.de

Smoothie with raspberries and cottage cheese is what you need for a snack on hot summer days and evenings.


• Raspberries - 1 glass;

• Medium fat cottage cheese - 100-120 g;

• Low-fat sour cream - half a glass;

• Sugar - to taste;

• Mint - 3-4 leaves.

Raspberry smoothie. \ Photo: receptisalatov.com
Raspberry smoothie. \ Photo: receptisalatov.com

Cooking method:

• Lightly rinse raspberries with cold water;

• Let the water drain well and dry;

• Put cottage cheese, raspberries, sour cream and sugar in a blender bowl;

• Beat until smooth;

• Place in glasses or small bowls before serving;

• And send it to the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes;

• Garnish with fresh mint if desired.

5. Raspberry oil

Raspberry oil. \ Photo: google.com
Raspberry oil. \ Photo: google.com

Creamy, chocolate, coconut oil, which is most often used by housewives in their kitchens, adding this ingredient to dishes or simply spreading it on bread. But since it's summer and the season of fruits and berries, why not make raspberry oil? It will be a great alternative to jam and other sweets.


• Butter - half a pack;

• Fresh raspberries - 0.5 cups;

• Sugar or powdered sugar - 1 tbsp.

Alternative to jam. \ Photo: cookinglib.ru
Alternative to jam. \ Photo: cookinglib.ru

Cooking method:

• Wash raspberries;

• Dry thoroughly;

• Be sure to warm the oil to room temperature so that it becomes soft;

• In a blender bowl, mix berries, butter and sugar;

• Beat everything well until a thick homogeneous mass;

• Then carefully transfer to a rectangular or square container;

• And send it to the refrigerator for 2-3 hours;

• Serve with bread or biscuits.

Tea, jam, drink are not the only dishes that can be make from rose petals … Believe me, you have never tried some of the ones below. And having tried it once, be sure to want to repeat it next time.

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