Design digest competition

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Design digest competition
Design digest competition
Novate. Ru together with the store boomboomroom handing out wonderful design prizes to authors of the most interesting publications.

The competition has been extended until March 20, 2008.

Design prizes for the authors of the best digests
Design prizes for the authors of the best digests

There are many different objects in the world, even more different design variations on the theme of this or that object. We invite you to create your own design digest on the subject of your interest. What are the unusual fly swatter? Where are the most amazing elevators in the world? What can an ordinary Rubik's cube look like? Write your review. The authors of the best design digests will receive prizes.

Competition prizes

Table Lamp-Dog by boomboomroom … Thanks to the touch switch, you can stroke her head and the light will turn on, when you touch it again, the light will become brighter. The Dog Lamp received the GOOD DESIGN 2007 award from the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design to only the best of the best. Now the Dog Lamp is a permanent honorary exhibitor of the museum.

Waste bin Gabrino, designer Karim Rashid
Waste bin Gabrino, designer Karim Rashid

Two Gabrino waste bins from iconic designer Karim Rashid. Such urns were exhibited in museums and at exhibitions. The owner Gabrino will definitely be known as a notorious esthete.

Unique designer cutting board 'For Cheese'
Unique designer cutting board 'For Cheese'

Two wooden cutting boards "/>

Conditions of the competition

1. The digest should contain the most complete description of the various design solutions of this or that object - the author, the concept, interesting facts, a description of the object's functions - if this is not obvious.

2. In the digest, you can use both existing objects and prototypes.

3. Translations from foreign sources, as well as reprints of materials from other sites are not accepted.

4. Submission of articles will last until March 20, 2008.

5. One author can offer no more than three articles for participation in the competition.

Participation in the competition

1. To take part in the competition, you need to register on Novate. Ru or enter the site through OpenID.

2. Then you need to join the competition blog.

3. By March 20, you must prepare and publish your design digest in the competition blog.

Winner's reward ceremony

Of all the proposed digests, we will choose the best works, focusing on the rating of articles and the quality of the material. The winners of the Design Digest contest will be chosen by the readers of Novate. Ru among the authors of the best publications (selected by us) by voting.

Muscovites will be able to collect their prizes in the store boomboomroom … Prizes will be sent to residents of other Russian cities by mail.

Need to know

1. The sooner you publish your design digest, the more people will be able to read it and vote for it.

2. The best digests will be published in the main feed of the site. To keep track of new articles, you can subscribe to updates on the main site feed.

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